Belly-Busting Foods You Must Avoid!

Posted by Edna & Roger Boisjoli on March 4, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Skipthe Doughnuts, Wings and Ribs! WHAT?

Mostpeople love Doughnuts, but do you know how many calories is in justone glazed Doughnut? A whopping 260Calories!Now be honest here, when was the last time you ate just one doughnut?Ha Ha Ha, yeah, we hear you! Who eats just one doughnut?

Well,we're not here to tell you that you can never have another doughnut,that would just be silly. What we do want to recommend is that youpractice moderation. In order to change your shape, you need tochange what you do. Not drastically, but "moderately". Soinstead of eating 2 or 3 doughnuts, just have 1 and only say, once aweek, instead of every day.

Oneof the great things about the Shrink Team Challenge is that sinceyou're replacing a meal, say lunch for example, you don't have togive up everything you love to eat. We're just recommending that youcut back on the foods you know won't help you live a healthylifestyle.

WebMDhas a great slideshow explaining some other Belly-Busting Foods YouMust Avoid:

Belly-BustingFoods You Must Avoid

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