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Habit #2: Attitude Is Everything!

Don't be miserable because You are on a weight loss mission. Look at Yourself in the mirror. Are You frowning at mealtime? Be happy and put a smile on Your face because You are doing something positive toward a healthier, happier You!

We all eat out. It is one of life’s pleasures. So why not enjoy?Here are a few pointers to makes sure dining out doesn’t sabotage your healthy eating habits.

It’s okay to say, “no thanks” when the bread/chip basket is brought to your table. There are a lot of empty calories here, so save the calories and don’t fill up while unconsciously munching bread and crackers.

Order the leanest cuts of meat. Saturated fat isn’t a nutrient.

When ordering salads, always ask for the dressing on the side. Dipping your salad into your dressing is better than drowning your salad in heavy dressing. Better yet, when you eat your salad try, just dip your fork in the dressing first and then get the lettuce. You’ll still get tons of great flavor with very little dressing.

Look for vinegar or citrus dressings too as they are generally lower in calories.

Drink water, save calories and money. Skip the soft drinks or even tea with sugar.Ask for whole wheat pasta or brown rice instead of white. Avoid fried rice as the oil adds a lot of calories.

Ask to have your food grilled, not fried.

Eat sandwiches open-faced with a knife and fork. You don’t need to eat all of the bread.

Ask for a to-go container when your food arrives. Wrap up half your over-sized meal to save for later. Do this before you start eating your meal.

Be prepared. Many restaurants offer nutritional information and options on their websites. Take a look at the menu before you leave and decide what you are going to order. Then you won’t be swayed by last minute hunger-induced decisions.

Words to avoid: Cream, fried, butter sauce, covered with cheese, gravy and super-size.

Finally, remember to be nice to the waiter. Waiters can make helpful suggestions and be your partner towards a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Dining!

...and don't forget  a convenient, tasty Meal Replacement once or twice a day.


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