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Habit #3: Snacks … rule!

If you don't eat for a few hours, your body thinks: "Hey, no incoming food. I don't want to starve. Let me go into survival mode. Turn down the metabolism. Conserve calories."


If you are trying to lose or manage your weight, this is not good.


This is why eating breakfast is so important.


Remember why you need to eat breakfast, to kick-start your metabolism for the day after the long night without food. You want your body to burn calories all day long. And you want to help your willpower hold up so you don't overindulge at the next meal.


Snacks boost your metabolism.


If during the day you go long periods without eating, your body will go back into calorie-conserving survival mode. You want to eat to keep your metabolism burning calories for you.


Think about this. You eat a big meal leaving you feeling stuffed and lazy. Then once you finally start to burn off the big meal and get some energy it's time to eat again. Doing this type of eating will only leave you on an energy roller-coaster, one second your up the next your energy levels are falling.


So instead, think about spreading out your food throughout the day. You won't need to get stuffed at each meal because your not ravenous. Plus just knowing that you will be having a snack again soon will help you not feel like you need to stockpile to hold out until the next big meal.


So make it a habit to eat snacks regularly. Sounds like fun.


Why not make it a habit to have a healthy snack or meal every three or four hours?


And don't eat just junk food. You will want a snack that is high in nutrition to fuel that calorie-burning metabolism like an Appetizer Diet Cookie or Shake.


Just avoid the donuts, the muffins, the candy bars and other high sugar, empty calorie snacks.

It is an easy habit to snack. It's even easier to keep an Appetizer Diet Cookie with you.

Make your snacks work for you!


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