Looking Forward To The Future

Posted by Edna & Roger Boisjoli on May 30, 2012 at 5:35 PM

About a year ago I exploded into diabetes and my blood sugar was as high as 385. A normal fasting blood sugar should be around 100. I remember that night well driving home from the doctor’s office. I felt out of it and was losing my concentration and my vision wasn’t working right so I got off the freeway and rested about 20 minutes before finishing the drive home. That was a rude wake-up alert and it took me most of last year to get my blood sugar under control with continual increases required in my insulin injections.

I took the Shrink Team Challenge on in January using a shake and cookie as a meal replacement and lost over 20 Lbs. in the first five weeks. Yeah, that feels good but what started to happen next really lit up my day.


I started taking GluCare™ carefully watching for any wide variations in my blood sugar because as late as December I still had some pretty bad days up to 200. To my amazement, in January I had to reduce my insulin 8 times ~ yes 8 times under my physician’s care! It is clear to me that GluCare™ is a major contributor to balancing my blood sugar and the way it is working I will be reducing my insulin even more in February! No more injection site bruises soon and I’ll have my life back. Looking forward to the future like never before.


On February 9 the doctor told me to reduce my insulin to the lowest it has ever been and if my numbers stay low they will take me completely off the insulin in about two weeks. Remarkable! Because just 6 weeks ago I was still having bad sugar days.


Steve Dragoo




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