Health Nugget - Lowering Homocysteine Levels

Posted by Edna & Roger Boisjoli on January 26, 2011 at 3:11 PM

Most people seem to know their cholesterol level; however, they rarely know their homocysteine levels. Physicians just do not order this test routinely. The homocysteine level should be below 7, and higher levels cause greater risks of developing cardiovascular disease. Even though physicians may tell you that a homocysteine level of 12 or lower is fine, I would encourage you to try to get this level below 7.   First, I would recommend taking 1,000 mcg of folic acid, 50 to 150 mg of vitamin B12, and 25 to 50 mg of vitamin B6. If you are one of those individuals who does not totally respond to B vitamins, you can consider adding Betaine (Trimethylglycine or TMG) to reduce your homocysteine levels. I recommend starting with 1 gram daily and building up to as much as 5 to 6 grams if necessary to get your homocysteine level down below 7, or at least below 8.

There have now been over 50 clinical trials that have shown that those individuals who have elevated homocysteine levels are not only at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease but also Alzheimer’s dementia and various cancers. Yet, there have not been any good studies showing that lowering your homocysteine levels actually decreases your risk of heart disease and stroke. My personal feeling is that they do not lower the homocysteine level enough and that there is very little difference between the control subjects and the treated group. Since we know that elevated homocysteine levels are definitely a risk factor for patients, wouldn’t it be best to lower their homocysteine levels to the safe range? If you would like to know your homocysteine level and your doctor will not order it, members of my “Online Medical Practice” located at can order this blood test in the US through my web site.

Thank you to Dr Ray Strand for allowing us to publish this information.

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