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Here we provide you with information on nutrition.

Enroll in our 30 Days To Better Health program and learn how to have more energy, control you weight, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, reduce joint pain & inflammation, reduced your risk for heart attack, reduce your risk for cancer, reverse the metabolic syndrom, reduce your risk for stroke and reduce your risk for dementia.

We provide links to information on the Glycemic index and how it can affect your health.

We provide a link to an discussion on how carbohydrates affect your health.

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Visceral Fat
The Glycemic Index

Belly Fat = Type 2 Diabetes = Too Much Carbs

Researchers have found that patients with a high level of belly fat & a high level of insulin insensitivity were unlikely to ever be successful at improving their situation with lifestyle modification.  Read More on this topic


Potato chips worst culprit for slow weight gain
Potato chips worst culprit for slow weight gain

Suggested Reading

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